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Bodifying Styling Jelly

Features and benefits:
- 98% natural origin
- 94% biodegradable formula
- 96% post-consumer recycled plastic
- no sulfates
- no silicones
- no parabens
- no artificial colourants
The natural lemon formula creates body and lift leaving the hair naturally shiny. Its lightweight texture means the hair is full of body whilst having a nice natural touch. The creamy gel gives body to the hair when applied from mid-lengths to ends. It eases grip for blow-dry and can also be used for air-drying. Its lightweight formula means that it spreads evenly on hair without leaving hair sticky. It is the perfect for short and mid-length hair. (Hold level 2)
How To Use
First shampoo hair with R.A.W Uplift then rinse and condition with the conditioner of the same family. Then once the hair has been rinsed and it is towel dried use the equivalent of a 10p amount and then run fingers through the hair. Then with a round brush blow dry into hair.

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