1. This 2 day cutting course is delivered using the latest digital technology head sheet which helps to break down the fundamentals of haircutting to build knowledge and technique and through practice will build confidence.  
2. The course is delivered in an easy step-by-step way building in demonstration as well as coaching with a matrix craft cutting expert educator.  
3. The course concentrates on 6 haircuts in depth although this can build into endless cutting possibilities.
After the course an e-learning program will assist you to continue perfecting your techniques

Number of days: 2 days.

Course timings: 9:45am - 17:00pm

What to bring: Combs Including; Cutting and Tapering, Clips, Scissors, Brushes, Hairdryer, Clippers and Grade Combs, Neck Trimmers, Smart Phone or Tablet. A tuition head will be provided for the practical workshop which can be taken home to continue your practice.

Educated by: A Matrix Craft Cutting Expert Educator

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