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Viva La Vivids

Jun 122019
By Lisa Haynes
Vivid hair colour is officially having a moment. Time to get #socolorful…

Vivid hair colour isn’t only trending in salons. It’s making its mark in fashion too. Hair was the highlight of many autumn/winter 2018 schedules at fashion weeks across the globe, thanks to the models' megawatt jewel bright bobs. Who needs clothes when you've got vivid hair colour to ogle, right? From bold green to bright pink, vivid hair colour is definitely where it's at.

Style’s brighter mood sums up SoColor Cult’s fresh approach to vivid hair colour. It’s vibrant, it’s bold and you’re in control of the longevity, thanks to its two clever technologies: Semi or Demi.

SoColor Cult (check out our Join the Cult blog post here) has 12 shades, but there are infinite possibilities with the addition of a dial up-or-down Clear.

“There’s no doubt that consumer demand is getting stronger for vivid hair colour,” says Desmond Murray, Atherton Cox and Freelance Artistic Director. “Clients are requesting brighter and bolder colours more than ever before. The launch of SoColor Cult is perfect timing.”

SoColor Cult gives you a vast spectrum of colour at your fingertips to get experimental with the latest trends – whether it’s bubblegum pink, or a mermaid-esque colour melt.

“Pastel pinks and greens are super-popular right now,” Desmond reveals, “but I’ve noticed that trends like unicorn hair and marbling are getting even braver to showcase vivid hair colour – the bolder and brighter, the better I say.


About to turn to the bright side with SoColor Cult, aka Matrix’s most colourful range yet? Read our pro advice on the hottest vivid hair colour trends of the moment, and how to achieve them:


Ultra Violet is 2018's colour of the year and there are multiple ways to wear it, from washed-out pastel, through to double berry bright tones. Newsflash: SoColor Cult has created our first pure violet dye, ever… Think brighter, stronger and fading totally on tone. We’re obsessed.


Aquamarine shades are always trending so make a splash with a combination of blue and green tones. If you want a more vibrant, brighter just-stepped-out-of-the-sea look, experiment with a semi over a demi permanent. FYI, SoColor Cult’s Mermaid Teal was made especially for you.


Collate inspo images and chat with your colourist so you’re getting your ideal shade of pink, whether it’s bright fuchsia or pastel rose. SoColour Cult benefits from a true-to-tone fade, which means you’ll stay pink as your hair fades and graduate through your perfect pink palette. Win.

trending 7.PNG


Along with pink and red, blue is one of 2018’s most requested colours. For a natural-looking jewel blue, try a demi-permenent in an inky base colour highlighted with softer blue streaks for realistic dimension. It will almost look like you’ve been born with blue hair. We won’t tell if you don’t…


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