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Top 5 reasons to use professional haircare at home

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Do you ever ask your stylist why you are struggling to recreate the beautiful salon finished look of your hair at home?  

Does your stylist try to educate you on how to cleanse, condition, treat and style your hair, including recommendations on products to use and how to?

Here’s our top reasons why you should consider purchasing your hair care items from your stylist:

1.    Professional Recommended. Your highly trained salon professional has the skills to analysis your hair to prescribe the correct homecare and styling product. Don’t risk choosing the wrong products for your hair!

2.    Lifestyle. Are you looking for a Vegan friendly range? Your salon professional can help point you in the right direction. Biolage RAW can offer you this with its natural origin and 100% vegan range.

3.    Product Range. Professional haircare has many options within the ranges, one size doesn’t fit all and you deserve to have the correct product for the best results!

4.    Colour SAFE. Professional products are designed to be respectful of colour treated hair, with gentle cleansing systems helping to keep your hair looking more radiant for longer.

5.    Achieve salon professional results. Using the correct haircare regime as directed by your stylist will help you to achieve that salon manageability and lasting shine. 

Recommended products:

- Biolage RAW

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- Miracle Morphers

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- Total Results Color Obsessed 

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