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Get A-Head With a Bespoke Hair Course for the New Year

Jan 152019
By Lisa Haynes
Discover the Matrix course that puts YOU in full control of your hair passion…
Have you heard about ‘TailorME’ yet..? It’s the course to know about if you want be more in control of your education journey. In short, it’s all about you and how you want to hone your salon’s skills, learning from Matrix’s best hair insiders. 

The TailorME mantra is simple: ‘master your craft and learn the language and backbone of Matrix’.

TailorME Course, Designed For You

So what makes TailorME different from other education courses? Over the years, Matrix has mastered experiential learning and now we’re taking it to the next level with bespoke, tailor-made courses for YOU and your salon team. This year Matrix is launching blended learning methodology with the launch of Access and hands-on courses designed built around your salon team. 
For the first time ever, the Matrix community will be a click away, 24/7, so you get a learning experience at your fingertips. 

“For me, education is a collaboration of both the educator and delegates,” explains Ashleigh Hodges, Artistic Director for Matrix UKI. “The best courses are the ones that are interactive and you can tell everyone is really taking away from what you’re showcasing to them.”
But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what the pro artists involved have to say about it…

Meet Our TailorME Pro's…

Ashleigh Hodges, Artistic Director for Matrix UKI 

ashleigh-hodges b+w.jpg

Add her here: @ashleigh2025

“TailorME is designed specifically for what salons need. The team take so much more away from a bespoke course because they’re all involved and every member benefits from getting what they need to progress. We can bring exactly what you need – and a bit more, from creative colour techniques, bespoke formulations and hair styling tips and tricks to really move you forward.”

Christian Wiles, Artistic Director


Add him here: @christianwilesmen

“Bespoke education courses bring unique benefits as they are specifically formatted and customised to fulfil your individual salon’s requirements. It’s simple: management can give a wish list of the specific areas that they would like to cover and I will fulfil that wish list. A course like TailorME enables you to invest in your entire team. They’ll leave feeling inspired with a collective creative energy.”

Terry Longden, Artistic Director for Colour


Add him here: @texpixx

“The best thing about what a TailorME course can offer you are the one-on-one technical skills. This isn’t usually delivered and shared on the tabled educational courses, so the format can be bespoke to your salon’s individual needs. That could be pure knowledge, practical hands-on, new techniques – or a combination of all three. It’s whatever your salon benefits most from.”

What the Salons Say…

Inspired? Hear from the salon teams that have already experienced TailorME for their take on Matrix made bespoke:

“You have the artist’s complete focus, time and commitment. The bespoke element keeps it on point to what your salon really wants and needs.” - The Cutting Lounge (Stockton-on-Tees)

“TailorME courses allow salon owners to handpick a Matrix artist of their choice to teach a subject that benefits their staff. It gives the team a buzz that they’re getting an artist to themselves for the day – especially when the people we’ve had in have had such high profiles.” - Lime Salon

Ready to embark on your education journey? Book your TailorME bespoke education course here

We love what you learn… Chart your TailorME education story at @matrix #iamME

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