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Introducing NEW Sugar Shine from Biolage

Apr 012016
Got a sweet tooth? Matrix Biolage has released a new range of delicious products. Introducing SugarShine, a haircare regime inspired by skincare and nature.

Did you know that shine is the number one hair desire?* It suits all hair lengths and types. Glossy hair also makes you look younger and healthier. With this new SugarShine haircare regime you can achieve up to 3 times more shine**!

Traditionally, to create shine, shampoos and conditioners were formulated with silicone. Silicone achieves shine by coating the hair, leaving it feeling weighed down and heavy. Biolage is changing the way that we achieve shine by encouraging you to reveal your natural shine, not coat it.

As you could probably tell by the name, SugarShine uses real sugar crystals that you can see and feel. Water soluble crystals gently exfoliate the hair, removing build up. 


The Sugar Shine range includes, a polishing scrub, a silicone free shampoo and conditioner, a mega gloss treatment and a finishing illuminating mist. 

When at home, begin your hair routine by using the polishing hair scrub. The pollutants that build up in your hair over time will be gently removed by these exfoliating sugar crystals. Secondly use the shampoo and conditioner, for dazzling lightweight shine. Your hair will feel cleansed and conditioned. Be sure to leave the conditioner in your hair for 1-3 minutes before rinsing. Finish off the routine with the Sugar Shine Illuminating mist, which will help seal in the shine for a brilliant, glossy finish. The mist helps smooth hair and tame flyaways, while also providing heat damage protection from styling tools. 

For a professional shine, visit your salon and ask for the full Sugar Shine treatment with the Mega Gloss too. It will hydrate your hair for effortless manageability. The gloss will also laminate your hair, giving you a mirror-like, mega shine. 

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