Updo Tips For Summer Nights

Seriously—is anything sexier than a casual updo when you’re wearing a flirty summer dress? It exposes your tanned neck and great cheekbones—not to men...
Summer Hairstyles Smooth Hair Frizz

Make Autumn/Winter Trends Work for You

How to make the most out of this years autumn/winter trends for you and your guests.
Hair Color Trends Hair Color Color-Treated Hair

Winter Warmers: The 7 Most Popular Festive Season Shades

Dec 13 2018
By Lisa Haynes
Transform your hair colour for Christmas with these most popular festive season shades.
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Summer’s Hottest Hair Accessories

In one memorable episode of Sex and The City, Carrie Bradshaw fired the fatal shot to the poor little scrunchie, expressing her horror upon spotting a...
Styling Tips Summer Hairstyles

Give your hair a fresh new look for Spring

We all love a bit of Balayage and Ombre. But do you want to take it to the next level? Are you constantly looking for new hair colour ideas? Well, hun...
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