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Unicorn hair? Rainbow hair? You name it, we want it.

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If you are one of those colour addicts that has to follow the latest hair trend, you’ll know that changing your hair colour with the seasons doesn’t do wonders for the quality of your hair.

But what exactly happens to your hair when you colour it? During the chemical process, you expose your hair to ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and a high pH, which can cause the strength and elasticity of the hair to weaken. This can subsequently lead to breakage, loss of shine and finer looking hair. All very scary thoughts, which you have to consider when you have the passion to stay on top of the latest colour trends. And what’s even worse, is that it isn’t colour services alone that cause damage to your hair. Your hair is susceptible to damage ALL THE TIME. That’s right, as well as blow dryers and straighteners causing heat damage, you have to also be weary of external aggressors, such as pollution and the impact of sun damage too. Whilst this may worry you, you can bask in the safety, that you’re not the only one. Yes, it comes as no surprise that so many of us are concerned with hair damage.

Fortunately, we see it as our responsibility to offer you a solution with a professional difference. We know that there needs to be solutions to target every different culprit of damage.

Therefore, if it is environmental aggressors such as sun damage that you’re concerned with, our Biolage Sunsorials range could be the answer to your problems. Its powerful main ingredient includes sunflower seed extract, which is rich in antioxidants helps to protect and care for hair that’s been exposed to the sun, sea and chlorine. This will leave your hair soft to touch and give you that sun-reflecting shine, perfect for a holiday!




If it’s mechanical heat damage you’re worried about, such as heat damage from blow-drying and straightening, the Total Results So Long Damage range could be the one for you, enriched with ceramides and amino silicones to help care for brittle strands. By helping to boost strength, hair breakage is reduced – that way you don’t have to constantly trim your broken ends, which can help your hair achieve your desired length.  

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Finally, the big threat of them all…chemical services. With colouring hair becoming more popular, the concerns of damage associated with lightening services are growing. If you’re worried about your hair being porous and want to maintain the vibrancy of your new colour Total Results Color Obsessed is your answer. However if it’s the weakness and fragility of your hair that concerns you, use Biolage Fiberstrong. This will leave your hair feeling more resilient, nourished and appear shinier. Alternatively, if you think your hair is over-processed and unmanageable; Biolage Keratindose will restore its appearance and leave the hair silky with manageability. Whilst we have multiple solutions to colour damage, this year we wanted to go bigger and better. So next month Matrix will be introducing you to the first to market bonding haircare regime that works into the deepest molecular level of the hair to repair its internal strength, giving you the chance to colour your hair guilt- free…watch this space. 

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