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Perfect Your Perming Service with Matrix Bond Ultim8

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Creating the perfect perming services can be an art in itself and for a few years has been a bit out of fashion.  However, it’s now being seen as a great tool in the salon to offer clients some of the more current softer textured looks for both men and women.

With the likes of Matrix Bond Ultim8 which is an amazing bonding system to preserve and protect the internal structure of the hair during a texture perming service, you can now be sure of amazingly conditioned hair at the end of the service as well as soft to the touch easily controlled curl or wave (As shown in the images below). Gone are the days of compromise condition for curl we can now have it all due to the new bonding technology that can be used in conjunction with a perming service. 

The client shown in the photo is a frequent visitor to the salon and has been so for several years now. During the years that Janine (the client in the in the photo) has been a client of Sam at Rage she has had a number of different services from cut to colour to relaxing and perming services. Janine’s natural hair is of an afro type, which generally has a more uneven and more difficult to control texture. On returning to the salon 4 weeks after her last relaxing and retexturing  perming service with the Bond Ultim8 incorporated into the service Janine has commented that the condition and curl formation of her hair is the best it has ever been . She feels that the condition has never been so soft and the curl being so manageable, it allows her to choose to wear her hair curly or on occasions softening the curl to a smoother look. I think it’s safe to say that Janine will be having the Bond Ultim8 in all her services from now on. Sam (salon Owner) has since used Bond Ultim8 in other client’s texture services achieving equally great results with very satisfied customers leaving the salon.

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Samantha Mighten, Salon RAGE in Newport South Wales 

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