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Keep Me Vivid: The Haircare to Know About

Apr 242019
By Lisa Haynes
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Say hello to vibrant vivid colour with this new hero haircare

It’s official, we’re becoming way more daring when it comes to vivid colour. Move over au naturel blondes and brunettes, vivid hair colour services are hot right now.

 But what about the colour-shy who haven’t signed up for the likes of SoColor Cult (yet)? The drawbacks of damage and fading can put some off experimenting with vivids. Until now that is…

Matrix’s new Keep Me Vivid Range is the ultimate game changer when it comes to aftercare for bold hair colour.

Red, pink, blue, mermaid or unicorn; whatever your colour, here’s how to up your vivids game with Keep Me Vivid.

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From sunset gradients to passionate pinks, vivid hair is trending in a big way. When it comes to on-trend tones, SoColor Cult’s 12 ultra-vivid shades has this summer’s catwalk hair colour covered. Catapulting onto the hair colour scene last year, it allows colourists to get “truly creative,” according to Ashleigh Hodges, Artist Director for Matrix.

“I love the SoColor Cult direct colours, particularly Mermaid Teal – they’re amazing to play with.”

So, what about maintaining your new ‘It’ colour at home... In other words, do you want to:

a) Hold your vivid colour for longer?

b) Deeply nourish your vivid colour?

c) Give your vivid colour Instagram-style shine?

If you answered yes to any of the above, SoColor Cult has a new aftercare BFF - Keep Me Vivid. As the name suggests, it helps to keep those salon-fresh pastels and brights vibrant for way longer…


Introducing the four Keep Me Vivid aftercare steps to help even the most high maintenance hair colour vibrant for up to 65 days. Meet the Keep Me Vivid colour squad:


Shampoo made with vivid hair colour in mind. It’s formula gently washes hair so it helps to keep your vivid colour.

kmv shampoo image.png


The ultra-acidic conditioner will help to glaze and deeply nourish your vivid colour, no matter what your hair type.

kmv conditioner image.png


Hello, shine glaze. This oil-to-cream formula helps to makes vivid strands velvety soft (and contains a bonus UV filter and heat protection).

kmv colour velvetizer.png


Get shine and lasting color with one spray. Expect long lasting vibrancy for at least 21 washes.

kmv lamination spray image.png


If you’re seeking salon-fresh shine and long lasting vibrancy at home, the clever Keep Me Vivid Lamination Spray is the ultimate product to know about. And it all starts in the salon… Your colourist can spray on the Lamination as an acidic rinse to seal the cuticle after your vivid colour service. How does it work? It returns the hair to an acidic pH that’s closest to the natural hair goal of 4.5-5.5.

Because it’s so quick and easy to use - think 1-minute after colour rinse – you can continue your Lamination love at home. For a speedier aftercare routine, you can even pick up your hero Lamination and skip the shampoo and conditioner steps. You can expect lasting vivid colour vibrancy and 3x more prismatic shine for at least 21 hair washes.


Is Keep Me Vivid your holy grail of aftercare? Discover if you need to join the Keep Me Vivid club with this handy hair colour ticklist:

Your go-to dye technology: semi, demi or permanent.

Your base: You tend to experiment beyond +/- 2 levels from your natural base.

Your vivid colour: High-impact brunette, blushing blonde, pastel, red, copper, mocha or SoColor Cult-style vivid.

Your dimension: You steer towards intense highlighting/balayage-ing.

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