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How can I Boost my Client's Balayage?

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Sep 192019
By Amy Lawrenson
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Here’s what you can offer to boost your client’s crowning glory…

Clients love balayage because it’s a low-maintenance, fashion-forward, way to experiment with colour. But, with balayage, you won’t always see your client return for regular touch-ups because it’s a technique that doesn’t show such obvious signs of regrowth (which, let’s face it, is a major reason it’s so popular). For busy or cash-strapped clients, balayage allows them to play with colour in a fairly low-commitment way, which is why it’s such an important hair technique to offer. But, if you want to encourage a more loyal or higher spending client, or encourage more colour-brave salon-goers to try balayage, then have you thought about nudging them towards experimenting with  on-trend techniques or pops of colour? Here’s what you can offer to boost your client’s crowning glory…

The New Balayage Techniques to Offer

A great way to attract cool, young clients is to offer the trending techniques that fill their Instagram feeds. For instance, this autumn, brunette balayage is trending but rather than being rich and warm-toned, all the coolest clients are literally opting for ice-cool tones woven through their brunette strands. You can read all about this cool new brunette balayage trend here.

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For clients who want something less subtle and a whole lot more striking, there is foilyage. It uses the same free-hand painting technique as balayage but the bleach-soaked strands are wrapped in foil so the bleach doesn’t dry. The end result is a brighter, more striking blonde effect.

Not all blonde clients want to look ethereal, there are those who want their hair to look a little more edgy - so how about introducing them to the idea of a root smudge? Applied freehand, just like balayage, “the root smudge is so on point because it really enhances the rest of the hair colour," says Ashleigh Hodges, Matrix Artistic Director. “It’s all about the 90s this season and that grunge feel is definitely coming through – but in a chicer way. Deepening the roots makes the colour look more natural, but also makes the blonde look blonder.”

Which Colour Balayage in 2019?

Coral is the Pantone colour of 2019 and, in the world of fashion and beauty, coppers, oranges and yellows are all trending this autumn. So, why not get your clients thinking about how they can make their hair pop with flashes of on-trend colour? The new SoColor Cult Starfish Coral can be spliced through a brunette balayage or woven through blonde hair to add a pretty, cool, hint of colour.

Classic ombré is still on clients’ radar with 1.3m online mentions of this colour technique each year. A blonde to coral ombré is not for the faint-hearted but it will definitely look strikingly beautiful. We bet you know just the client who would love to give this a try!

Skill Up On Freehand Balayage Techniques

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If you want to master the art of balayage and other freehand colour techniques like foilyage and layage, then don’t forget to check out Matrix’s Balayage & Freehand education courses in Glasgow and Peterborough on 23 September, Glasgow on the 29 September and Northampton on the 14 October. To find out more and keep totally up-to-date about the Matrix courses on offer, be sure to head to (and bookmark!) our education page here.

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