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Discover the magic of Matrix Color Eraser

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The perfect colour starts with the cleanest canvas.

Remove any previous incompatible colour to ensure a clean canvas with a professional colour removal service. 

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For brighter blondes, richer reds and vivids that pop, try the amazing Color Eraser to ensure true-to-tone results every time.

The Color Eraser formula can remove direct, tone-on-tone and permanent colour. It comes in a handy 22g sachet and gives you an extra edge to your skill set.

Color Eraser has fantastic colour removal results from dark brunettes to stubborn blondes as you can see below

color eraser before and afters


A traditional power wash with a lightener will shrink colour molecules rather than removing them completely, therefore the new colour can reactivate the old colour molecules which can potentially result into deeper, darker and unwanted colour results. The Color Eraser will only remove hair colour molecules without going deeper into the hair structure and also giving you more true-to-tone colour results.

Color Eraser and Balayage

Here is a guide on how to best use it with the type of colour you're working with!

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John Anthony Image"As I specialise in vivid hair colour, Color Eraser is a must in my salon. It removes artificial colour leaving a great canvas for my clients who love to change up their colour frequently."

-John Anthony on his #1 essential Matrix product

Learn more about Color Eraser

Join us on our Access course where you can learn how best to use Color Eraser and how to further benefit your services and clients. Click here to access our e-learning course on Colour Eraser.


Color Eraser FAQs

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