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Meet the K-Beauty trend that’s about to hit haircare…

Jan 242019
By Lisa Haynes
Get some added benefits from long, dark nights indoors with Biolage’s new Deep Treatment Packs

The annual big freeze is no fun but if you’re planning on hibernating through the last stint of winter, your hair might just benefit… Biolage’s new Deep Treatment Packs are the K-Beauty style haircare rituals that are set to transform how you treat your hair.

Inspired by Korean beauty, the sheet mask market is estimated to be worth over $250 million, so it’s no surprise that hair masking is catching up quick.

Here’s the lowdown on giving your hair a natural booster on those cosy winter nights in. Just add fluffy robe and slippers and pretend you’re chilling at the spa…

From Back Bar To Bathroom

With the words ‘self-care’ are on repeat on social media, it’s hardly surprising we’re investing more time in me-time. Start your haircare TLC journey by booking in at the salon back bar. Following the rising trend for in-salon treatments – an industry worth £465million and counting – Biolage has introduced Deep Treatment Packs to continue the wellbeing vibes in your own bathroom.

These new wave of K-Beauty inspired takeaways not only look super-cool but bridge the gap between salon and home haircare. Indulge in a Biolage treatment at the back bar and then take the lightweight, transportable pack home to continue the hair love-in with a weekly intensive treatment. Helping to repair and restore hair after just four uses, it’s a no brainer for in-between salon visits.

So Hydrasource or Colorlast, which one is for you…?

Hello, Hydrasource

Q: Help my hair is extremely dry and brittle after a skiing holiday. What can I do?

A: Whether it’s sun-ravaged locks or post-freeze tresses, Biolage Hydrasource Pack is made for dry, damaged hair. You can expect up to 70% less breakage with regular, weekly usage. Formulated with extracts of aloe and spirulina extract, Hydrasource drenches your hair with moisture and help control frizz. Plus, if you’re holding out on a haircut, it also helps seal split ends until your next date with the scissors.


Incredible Colorlast

Q: I love my hair colour but I feel like it fades so quickly. What haircare should I be using?

A: Any colourist will tell you that your at-home haircare can make a huge difference to the longevity of your colour. Using Biolage Colorlast Pack weekly will help diminish dullness and lock in your colour so it lasts longer. With nourishing extracts of orchid and apricot seeds, it will help your strands look and feel healthier. Stick to a weekly ritual with Colorlast and you can expect up to 90% more nourished hair.


The Home Hair Spa Tips To Know About

Want to get the most out of your pamper nights in? Maintain your DIY deep treatments in-between salon visits. Here’s how to maximise your DIY Biolage Deep Treatment Pack.

  • Aim to use your Biolage Deep Treatment Pack in Hydrasource or Colorlast once a week, applying to wet hair.

  • Use your fingers or wide-tooth comb to distribute the deep treatment evenly.

  • To intensify the treatment, wrap a hot, damp towel around your hair and leave on for five to 10 minutes to open the follicles in your hair and boost absorption of the mask.

  • If you prefer to use a hot, dry towel, put on a shower cap first and then wrap the towel snugly around your head so your hair is soaking up that moisture.

  • Rinse your hair out thoroughly and pat your hair dry gently with a dry towel. Blot as much moisture as you can before you dry your hair. Deep treatment, done.

Dry-Hair Trends

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