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Avocados for your hair

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I know what you’re thinking, the craze of avocados has gone so far that we’re even putting the stuff in our hair! This may sound crazy and far too green but it works…

Whether its avocado oil or putting the whole fruit on your head, the effects seem to be pretty amazing:

1. Could help your hair grow strong. 

They’re packed with vitamin B and E that could work wonders to strengthen hair and promote growth, whilst vitamin E often helps repair damage to your scalp that may be preventing hair growth.

2.  Hair condition. 

Whether you’re using it as a conditioner or a mask, avocados are full of nourishing oils to help restore your hairs natural looking gloss and shine.

3.  Natural. 

Of course, an obvious benefit is that this marvellous green fruit is 100% natural. Keep your homemade mask or conditioner natural by simply adding olive oil or coconut oil.

4.  Getting rid of your overripe fruit.

Instead of wasting that overly squidgy avocado in your fruit bowl, use it as a lazy day hair mask or an evening deep conditioning treatment.

There’s no wonder avocados are all we can talk about when their benefits go far beyond the kitchen. Try it out in whatever form suits you!

Don’t fancy the faff and mess? Why not try out Biolage Cleansing conditioner for coarse hair, containing avocados. It restores hairs smoothness and natural shine!

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