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Want to achieve high-contrast blonding in just 4 steps?

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The new! 4D Foilayage service will maximise your time + minimise the damage* with pre-bonded lightener and toners.

Blonding is massive in the UK and clients with all hair types are making the transition to a lighter, brighter hair colour. But with so many clients, and so little time, it’s often a balancing act to offer the best possible results without taking all day.

The new 4D Foilayage service from Matrix, uses a pre-bonded system of lighteners and toners, so you can deliver amazing 4-dimensional blondes with minimum damage, whilst maximising your time*. And as if that wasn’t enough, if you send your clients home with the Unbreak My Blonde trio system, they will love you for ever as their hair will be up to 3X stronger**.

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4D Foilayage

The 4 steps to 4D Foilayage

Kayla 4D Foilayage Transformation

Whether you have a blonde client looking to go blonder, or a client with a darker base who is just looking to lighten up their style, the 4D Foilayage service is a great offering. 

Check out one of our favourite Foilayage transformations!

Don’t miss out! Click here to hear top tips and tricks on the new 4D Foilayage service!

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*Instrumental: with bonder versus without bonder.

**Combing test on bleached hair. Shampoo, conditioner and leave-in versus classic shampoo

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