HydraSource Mist

This moisturising lightweight micro-mist is infused with 10% Aloe water to hydrate and recharge thirsty strands leaving them soft, shinier and revitalised.

LIGHTWEIGHT HYDRATION: use on wet or dry hair for effortless hair touch-ups. It can even be used in the salon by stylists as a cutting water.

10% ALOE WATER FORMULA: our highest concentration of Aloe water offers a true refreshment for shinier and healthier looking hair.

EXTENDED MICRO-MIST: absorbs instantly for effortless on-the-go hydration. The Dewy Mist reactivates bounce and movement to give you the ultimate blowout.

How To Use

On normal dry hair, use first the Hydrasource shampoo on wet hair then rinse. Massage the Hydrasource conditioner into hair and then rinse again. Apply the Dewy Mist on either wet hair for a perfect blow out or as a cutting water to then blow dry into hair for moisturised locks. On fine hair, swap the Hydrasource conditioner for the Hydrasource Aqua-gel conditioner.

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