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Our first intermixable colour booster range, SOBOOST can be used with both and Color Sync. Use alone on pre-lightened hair for vibrant fashion colours, or mix with or Color Sync to neutralise or intensify for greater colour control.

  • Intermixable with and Color Sync
  • 4 new high-intensity, high-vibrancy shades
  • Use alone on pre-lightened hair to increase vibrancy
  • Mix with Sync to add an extra boost of colour

SOBOOST is available in 4 shades:


  • Yellow: brightens brunettes and softens reds.
  • Blue: neutralises unwanted brassiness when lifting and adds cool tones when darkening.
  • Red: intensifies red, red-violet and violet formulas
  • Copper: boosts vibrancy on auburns, warm browns and golden blondes 

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02 Jun 2015
We are getting some fab feedback on the boosters! The blue is particularly good for adding into sync or socolor to make "The Granny Grey" that some customers are looking for ( can "Anyone" come up with a better name than "Granny" please )


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