Hair Colour


Ammonia-free Permanent

Have a preference for products which don’t contain ammonia? With the launch of COLORINSIDER, Matrix now has the product for you! With no odour, or ammonia and using ODS2 Technology, COLORINSIDER helps provide both scalp comfort and protects hair quality from root to tip for high-definition colour that’s true, sharp, saturated.




Looking for a complete change of hair colour? SOCOLOR.beauty could be the product for you. This permanent hair colour gives rich, radiant looking results whatever colour you are looking to achieve! Discover more about SOCOLOR.beauty here!

 Tone-on-Tone (ammonia-free)

Looking to go darker or want a colour with less maintenance? A tone-on-tone ammonia-free hair colour is the answer, leaving your hair with brilliant looking shine. Find out more about Color Sync here!


Highlights & Lightening

Looking to add some lightness, brightness, or multi-dimensional effects to your hair? Highlights can lighten, brighten or add those sun kissed tones.  Use Colorgraphics2 or Light Master to achieve your perfect blonde-inspired look!

Grey Blending

Starting to notice a few grey hairs but not ready to commit to a permanent colour? Tone-on-tone ammonia-free hair colour will enhance your natural colour whilst subtly blending away your few greys.  Color Sync Extra Coverage is designed to do just that!


Grey Coverage

Want to cover greys? Our permanent colour lines have been formulated specifically to cover greys and provide multi-reflective coverage! Both COLORINSIDER and SOCOLOR.beauty are the ideal products for grey coverage!