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Ever tried to describe what a colour result looks like to a client, but they don't quite seem to get it?

You might also try to use a shade chart, but the client just can't imagine what it will look like on their own hair!


So what happens? They either change their mind and decide against having colour done, or, they agree to colouring but hold their breath for the next couple of hours until they see the final result!

Now imagine being able to ‘try before you buy’?

Imagine being able to show the client the colour result before you dive straight in?

Imagine putting your clients at ease right from the beginning, and making the colour consultation much more fun and engaging?

Imagine how many more colour services you could sell...?

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                 The old ways....                                                                                                The digital revolution!

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Download Matrix Color Lounge

Before you read any further, download the Matrix

Color Lounge App first!

It’s available on the App Store for iPhone or iPad,

and on Google Play for Android devices. 

Got it?      Fab!


What's the Color Lounge App?

It's an amazing one-stop digital shop that every Matrix colourist should have. It contains product information, trend inspirations, a client record book and the coolest thing about it is the Virtual Makeover function. And this is where the potential lies.

Instead of asking your clients to visualise what a colour looks like on their hair, you can now show them through the App.


Check out our Celebrity Blonde Brand Ambassador, Stephanie Pratt, take you through a Virtual Makeover here.

At my salon in London, we have a dedicated colour specialist team led by Tasha Stevens, our multi-award winning lead colour technician, who are fully trained on using the App. We know how important the colour consultation is in developing trust and full confidence in the results and the colourist, with Color Lounge we can go one step further.

By making the colour consultation fun, engaging and relevant, we're able to personalise the colour service from the very beginning. This helps the client feel they've been consulted and are in control of the final result.

Secondly, it creates a stronger desire to experiment with hair colour, and demands for colour servicesnaturally go up.

thirdly, clients get a more realistic expectation of what to expect from the final result. Staff can demonstrate their colour expertise by advising clients on what's possible and what isn't.

Remember that the App doesn't replace the colourist in the colour consultation but is a tool to enhance the full, personalised colour service so you have clients coming back for more! 

So, what do you think? Give it a go! Download it and get your clients on board as well.

Stay tuned for more top tips from me and my team on the Color Lounge throughout the next few months.

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